Putting Citizens First 2019

30 April, 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Using collaboration and digital technologies
to build services around citizens

Putting Citizens First 2019 is a one-day international conference offered without charge, organised in cooperation with Yesser and EY.

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About the event

How can we build horizontal services for vertical governments?

Ever since e-government began to take off a decade ago, it’s been clear that the best digital services run across and beyond departments – bringing different agencies and systems together, and providing combined services built around users’ needs rather than departmental structures. But most governments are organised vertically, presenting every cross-departmental digital programme with governance, financial, cultural and technical challenges.

We’ve come a long way since trailblazers such as the UK’s road tax system, which pulls in data from insurance companies and safety test providers. These days, governments are increasingly focusing on ‘life events’ – working to ensure that at key points in citizens’ lives, all their needs are met through a coordinated, personalised, highly-automated interaction with government. New Zealand’s ‘Smart Start’ service for new parents, Estonia’s ambitions to build an “invisible government”, and Saudi Arabia’s plan to shift to a single, omni-channel experience focused on “life experiences” all point to a future of cross-cutting, seamless services that wrap around individual citizens.

But how can civil servants pursue and develop the opportunities around cross-departmental digital services? This event will consider key aspects of the challenge, with sessions covering topics including programme governance and finance; data; technologies; and culture and capabilities. See the agenda for more details.



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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at Ritz Carlton, AlHada Area, Mekkah Road, Riyadh, 11493 Saudi Arabia